Online learning provides us with a relaxed and free learning environment, learning methods and learning platform. We can use the advantages of time and space to determine the time and place of learning. We can calm down and seriously think and savor it. Through the network learning, inspired my thinking, edify my sentiment, knowledge has been enriched and improved, deeply understand the joy of learning, the power of knowledge.

  First, the new learning style has quietly changed our lives and provided us with good learning opportunities in the majority of teachers.

  With the rapid development of modern information technology, the computer Internet has provided a vast space to break through the obstacles in time and space of education and training. Online learning is a new way to promote the modernization of education and training, a window to broaden the horizon, a classroom to update knowledge, an effective way to improve capabilities, and a carrier for communication work. It has the characteristics of wide coverage, large number of participants, high degree of sharing, flexibility and convenience, and low cost. This new learning style provides us with a new and broader learning space, and it is also quietly changing our learning ideas and learning methods.

  Second, rich learning content for us to provide a vast space for learning.

  The content of this online learning covers the teaching methods of teachers, the method of preparing lessons, the characteristics and importance of listening to lessons and evaluating lessons. Broaden your horizons, increase your knowledge.

  Through this online learning, although I have learned a lot of knowledge, but also a deep understanding that online learning requires a high degree of learning awareness, continuous learning motivation and effective learning methods to achieve better learning results. In the future, I will continue to study, often unremitting efforts to improve their ideological and moral quality and work level.