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  The computer plays the vital role in ours life,the computer may help us to handle very many matters:The data computation,the study entertainment,the office automation,the control production,draws money automatically,long-distance correspondence .

  The computer news fast development promoted its popularization.Now besides the personal computing which finds at everywhere,each kind of portable portable computer also arises at the historic moment.

  The computer is playing the very major role in ours life.Cannot have in us when question,we may access the net the consult material,some quite big data may use the computer to calculate .We may learn very many knowledge in the computer

  The computer also has many is bad,if to the elementary student,I wants to say plays the computer the question.Now the family economical level enhanced,the elementary student vision dropped actually,this is plays the computer the fault.The advantage very are also many,for example chats,said the topic and so on some beneficial games can cause elementary student's after school life to be more interesting.But cannot sink confuses in the computer games.Some real matter meant,a child,For computer games in hypothesized duty battle,own jumped from an upper story.Therefore,plays the computer not to be able to fall,after on the one hand which falls to does not have the advantage.

  The high tech product increases day by day,Computer these high tech product,Has brought many conveniently to the people,Might also bring the misfortune to the people.Today I want to schoolmates said,That is regarding yours vision.Many children just were giving birth to,Eye all well,May perhaps be because watches the television,Plays the computer,Each one has all taken to bring with the eyeglasses.On our class,Some 70% schoolmate are almost the nearsightedness,My eye also very is originally good,May march into the higher grades,Also starts to drop.This police has shown us,Plays the computer,May,Watches the television,No reason why not.However,If you want to have a pair of beautiful health eye,Anything must have a limit.If your eye for a long time in television and under computer accompanying,I believed,That cannot have the good result.