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  With the development of high technology, Internet is more and more popular. No matter children or the old know how to search the Internet. The emerging of the Internet bring a lot of benefit for people, while people also find it bring harm to them generally.

  First of all, Internet brings much convenience and a colorful world for people. With Internet, people can buy all the things at home, search various information, make friends with people from all the world and so on. Without Internet people can’t have those benefit. Moreover, as there are a lot of people shopping on line, the need for couriers is increasing. This bring employment opportunities to many people. However, Internet also bring disadvantages for peole. As the Internet is wonderful, many people are addicted to it. Some indulge in playing computer games and neglect study or job. Besides, because people can touch different kind of information online, they are easily learn some bad messages, which is bad for their growing.

  To sum up, everything has two sides. Internet also has advantages and disadvantages. But as far as I’m concerned, Internet has more advantages than disadvantages if people use it in a proper way.

  随着高新技术的发展,互联网越来越 受欢迎。无论是儿童还是老年人都知道如 何使用因特网。互联网的出现给人们带来 很多好处,而人们也发现带来了危害。

  首先,网络给人们带来了很多便利和 丰富多彩的世界。通过互联网人们可以在 家里买所有的东西,了解各种信息,与来 自世界各地的人交友等等。没有互联网, 人们不可能享受到那些好处。此外,因为 有很多人在网上购物,对快递员的需求也 日益增加。这给许多人创造了就业机会。 然而,互联网也给人们带来不利。由于互联网的美妙。很多人都沉迷于它。由于沉迷于玩电脑游戏而荒废学业或工作。再 者,因为人们可以在网上接触到各种各样 的信息,他们很容易看到一些不良的信 息,这对他们的成长是有害的。

  总之,任何事物都有两面性。互联网 也有优点和缺点。但就我而言,如果人们 正确使用互联网的话,它的优点优于缺点。